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When choosing PerkinElmer, you select an experienced and trusted partner in laboratory analysis and management, and the support of our global service network and distribution centers, providing the right solution, at the right time, to meet your critical needs. We leverage our scientific knowledge and years of experience to provide you with a broad portfolio of analytical solutions, services and expertise that contribute to the success of your laboratory and the satisfaction of your professionals.

At PerkinElmer, you'll find the laboratory technology of the future that goes hand-in-hand with the growing demands for automation and sustainability. We partner with you to help you benefit from new insights and solutions, reduced risks, and increased profitability!


Case Studies and Stories

Technology Addressing the Needs of the Growing Energy Industry

Prairie Lithium is a young company focused providing Lithium to address the burgeoning need caused by the electrification of the automobile industry. Prairie Lithium takes material from the resource, all the way to through purification, to battery-grade lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide monohydrate with their unique analytical workflows. Discover how PerkinElmer’s instrumentation helps detect inorganic impurities, the biggest and most dangerous challenge to the lithium battery industry.

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Partners Committed to Meeting Environmental Mandates

The Safety and Quality Analysis Laboratory of Padania Acque S.p.A., is focused on the management of water resources in the Province of Cremona, Italy. It is committed to providing the highest quality testing service to its customers which include other water providers that do not have adequate analytical testing laboratories. They have partnered with PerkinElmer to ensure that they are able to maintain test quality, meet internal quality standards and comply with government regulations.

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A Quiet Lab: a Case for Implementing a Digital Asset Management System

It was during a routine walk-through at a large pharmaceutical laboratory, that Jason recognized an enormous opportunity to improve operations. Through the implementation of PerkinElmer’s Asset Genius system, Jason found a way to obtain detailed asset utilization data to support asset lifecycle decisions, resulting in significant savings for the laboratory. As more data is collected and analyzed across the assets and laboratory, more informed decisions will be made through the organization. No longer is utilization anecdotal and based upon opinion, now hard data drives decisions to support greater efficiency and productivity for their asset management programs.

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Food Safety & Security

One of our customers processes 1.3 M tons of corn annually in two locations in China. Learn how the PerkinElmer DA 7300 and DA 7440 are used throughout the process to monitor, control and measure: Corn Germ after drying before storage; Starch after separation, sieving and drying; Gluten Slurry after separation before drying; Fiber before storage; Gluten Meal after drying before storage.

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