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  • Are you a plastics recycler facing new requirements from your customers?
  • Seeking to design your products for recycling or reuse, meeting stringent requirements?
  • Are you building or looking to improve a recycling department in your company?
  • Do you want to stay ahead of the competition, strengthen your brand reputation whilst increasing profitability?

Partnering with many of our customers we know that developing new products with advanced performance features is not enough in the new, waste-averse economy. To stay ahead of the competition, products need to be designed for recycling and/or reuse. At the same time, industrial manufacturers are challenged as always to keep an eye on costs, ensure effective quality control, and streamline processes while meeting stringent standards requirements.

If you’re looking to implement or improve the plastics recycling pathway and workflow in your business and you want to strengthen your brand reputation whilst increasing profitability, then watch our webinar where you’ll hear first-hand from an expert about the solutions and strategies that can best address your needs.

Professor Joerg Fischer, Project Manager at Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing in the University of Linz in Austria, discusses energetic, chemical and mechanical recycling opportunities and goes deeper into mechanical recycling of plastics with details on treatment along the various steps in the recycling process.


During this webinar you will learn:

  • About the energetic, chemical and mechanical recycling
  • Guidance and tips for the mechanical plastics recycling process and workflow including polymer identification for proper separation as a critical step before the start of overall recycling process
  • About implementation of appropriate specification and certification schemes, based on material composition and properties of commercially available polyolefin recyclates
  • Overcoming challenges with hard/rigid and soft packaging recycling whilst following the regulations
  • What are the best analytical techniques for your recycled material analysis and opportunities to maximize the outcome value using multiple techniques complementary to one another
  • Recycling future trends
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