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This webinar explores the principles, technology and applications of UV-Vis & FTIR analyses for the characterization of materials in semiconductors, photovoltaics and optoelectronics. Viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities and advantages of the PerkinElmer LAMBDA 1050+ UV-Vis, MappIR FTIR systems and the various precision-engineered accessories that accelerate the advancement of semiconductor production and the production of advanced materials used in optoelectronic components. Speakers are Steve Upstone, Field Application Scientist at PerkinElmer, and Peter van Nijnatten R&D Director at OMT Solutions B.V.

  • High-performance characterizations of coatings, thin films, glass, and silicon wafers using the LAMBDA 1050+ system
  • Principles, optical components, and modes of measurements (transmittance, reflectance, etc)
  • Sampling flexibility through plug-n-play accessories (TAMS, URA,
  • Integrating spheres) and wide compartments
  • Silicon wafer characterization using FTIR – from front-end fabrication to back-end QA/QC
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