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In a world reliant on achieving ever-more sustainable plastics to safe-guard our shared environment, PET has an important role to play. It’s the most common thermoplastic polymer resin, is universally recognized as safe and non-toxic, and has the highest recycling rate.  So, advances in PET to RPET are vital in shaping the future of plastics used in packaging worldwide.

Gain insight into PET market trends and analytical challenges. Detect impurities/degradation products, in post-consumer PET recyclates including benzene, acetaldehyde and limonene using HS-GC. Determine important properties of PET materials such as filler content (as required by ISO 12418-1), crystallinity and general identification using TGA, IR and DSC. Learn the importance of Hyper DSC for accurate analysis of polymers with varying degrees of crystallinity. Watch this webinar packed with analytical tips, tools and techniques to help you transform your laboratory research and accelerate manufacturing processes.


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